PhaseRadar – Annual Scholarship

PhaseRadar wants to support your personal and professional development. If you are attending college or university on full-time basis, we welcome you to apply for the PhaseRadar $ 2,500 annual scholarship.


  • $2,500 USD
  • The winner is announced June 30th, Annually
  • The winner is posted to PhaseRadar and emailed directly


  • June 1st, Annually


  • All students attending university or college on a full-time basis (and in good academic standing) are eligible to apply.
  • Students must read and agree to the Scholarship Terms & Conditions. Please read the agreement before sending your application.

To Apply

  • Email your complete application to [email protected]
  • Your completed application should include (1) Personal Information (2) Topical 1000 Word Essay or 2 Minute Video
  • If anything is missing your application will not be considered

1. Required Information

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • University or College Currently Attending
  • College Transcript
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
  • Link to your LinkedIn (or other social media profile) to prove currently enrolled at accredited USA college or university.

2. Required essay or video

Submit a 2-minute video or an essay on the following topic:

You have to write or create a video on “Artifical Intelligence in Daily Life”.