World Cricket Championship 3 Release Updates

If you play cricket games regularly then you may definitely come across World Cricket Championship 2 and will be waiting for the release of World Cricket Championship 3.

You may see on many sites that the World Cricket Championship 3 has been released.​

​But the truth is, NextWaveMultimedia is not interested in jumping to a new version.


Hmm. You will be possibly thinking that why they don't have plans to release a new version under "World Cricket Championship 3".​

And the Answer is simple:

​NextWaveMultimedia make an update to make it bug-free and add more features to it. So, they make regular updates for their game. And With regular updates, they were now increasing their game's version.

Currently, the latest version of WCC 2 is 2.5.5 as on June 23, 2017. But we can expect when they release it. It will features in our list of best cricket games for android for sure.

So, you can see that they will be bringing new version at regular intervals. But the thing is it's just a tag of the version which makes people go crazy about it.​

They think that the World Cricket Championship 3 will have insane features. For all those my friends I just want to let you know that this game is not officially announced as this news.

But here's the which you can do to make this game one of the best cricket game. You can make a list of those things which you want in the newer version of game.

Update: In a recent update NWM did some awesome work by adding new animations and features.

This includes new player customization feature which helps you to customize your player.

Now can select from the face templates to customize your player.

But for now there's no world cricket championship 3.

But they are making updates quite often which makes it one of the best game. In a recent update they have added ·69 different batting shots and 8 different bowling actions to it.

Now you will see more diving catches, sharp throws, etc.

Sometimes your batsman may got injured for playing poor shots. This thing can cost you.

This is the best thing which I loved in the recent update. Now it has more than 40 different camera angles.

I'm amazed to see they haven't released WCC 3 and people are waiting for World Cricket Championship 4.

What you can expect in World Cricket Championship 3: If Released

Nextwave multimedia hasn't made any announcement that they are going to release this game. But whenever they do we expect from them to make some changes as we have mentioned below:

The first thing which I want them to do is to make the faces of the player look more realistic. As of now, they are just cartoon characters with some random faces. I know it's hard but it will make the game realistic.

The second thing which we can do is to bring some new features like rain, DRS, DLS Method and it will make World Cricket Championship 3 more realistic.

The third thing which they need to work on is its commentary. Frankly, the English commentary is good but Hindi Commentary is of really poor quality. They can also have features like tournament editor. So it will be easy for the users to create new tournaments like IPL, PSL, BBL, etc.

Last but not least it's the community features which everyone wants to have in this game because it will have the game more customizable.

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Being one of the most advanced cricket game we want the newer version to have female players included in it.

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