Is Adam Ant Gay? The Truth Behind the Pop Icon’s Sexuality

Adam Ant is one of the most influential and successful pop stars of the 1980s, known for his flamboyant style, catchy songs, and charismatic persona. He rose to fame as the leader of the new wave band Adam and the Ants, and later as a solo artist, selling over 40 million records worldwide. But what about his personal life? Is Adam Ant gay, bisexual, or straight? And how has his sexuality influenced his music and career?


Adam Ant’s Early Life and Relationships

Adam Ant was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard on November 3, 1954, in London, England. He grew up in a working-class family, and had a difficult childhood marked by poverty, abuse, and mental health issues. He developed an interest in music and art at a young age, and attended the prestigious Hornsey College of Art, where he met his first wife, Carol Mills.

Adam Ant married Carol Mills in 1975, but the marriage was short-lived and ended in divorce in 1982. He later revealed that he was unfaithful to her, and that he had experimented with both men and women during their relationship. He said that he was “sexually confused” at the time, and that he did not identify as gay or bisexual, but rather as “omnisexual” – meaning that he was attracted to people regardless of their gender.

Adam Ant’s Rise to Fame and Controversies

Adam Ant formed his band, Adam and the Ants, in 1977, and soon became a prominent figure in the emerging punk rock scene. However, he was dissatisfied with the genre, and decided to reinvent his image and sound in the early 1980s. He adopted a more theatrical and glamorous style, inspired by historical and cultural figures such as pirates, Native Americans, and highwaymen. He also collaborated with producer Malcolm McLaren, who helped him create a distinctive musical style that blended pop, rock, and African rhythms, dubbed as “antmusic”.

Adam Ant’s new persona and music were hugely successful, and he became a global sensation, especially among young female fans. He scored several hit singles, such as “Stand and Deliver”, “Prince Charming”, and “Goody Two Shoes”, and won numerous awards and accolades. However, he also faced some controversies and criticisms, especially for his use of Native American imagery and costumes, which some people considered as cultural appropriation and insensitive. He also faced some backlash from the gay community, who accused him of exploiting and mocking their culture and identity.

Adam Ant defended his artistic choices, and said that he was not trying to offend anyone, but rather to celebrate diversity and creativity . He also said that he was not ashamed of his sexuality, and that he was proud to be a “sexual outlaw” who challenged the norms and stereotypes of society.

Adam Ant’s Later Life and Career

Adam Ant’s popularity began to decline in the mid-1980s, as his style and music became less fashionable and relevant. He also struggled with personal and professional issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, legal troubles, and financial problems . He took a hiatus from the music industry, and focused on his recovery and well-being.

Adam Ant returned to the public eye in the 1990s, and resumed his musical career, albeit with less success and exposure than before. He also ventured into other fields, such as acting, writing, and activism. He published his autobiography, Stand and Deliver, in 2006, in which he candidly discussed his life, career, and sexuality . He also continued to perform live, and released his latest album, Bravest of the Brave, in 2013.

Adam Ant has been married twice, and has one daughter, Lily Goddard, born in 1998. He has also dated several women, such as actress Heather Graham, singer Lorraine Chase, and PR executive Clare Staples. He has not publicly confirmed his current relationship status, but he has said that he is happy and content with his life.


Is Adam Ant gay? The answer is not so simple, as he has never labeled himself as such, and has expressed his attraction and love for both men and women throughout his life. He has also said that he does not like to be defined by his sexuality, and that he prefers to be known for his music and art. He has been a pioneer and an icon in the pop culture, and has inspired and influenced many artists and fans with his originality and courage. He has also been a role model and a spokesperson for mental health awareness and advocacy. He is, in his own words, a “dandy highwayman” who has lived a “wonderful, colourful, extraordinary life”.

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