RCB Epic Cricket: Official IPL 2018 Game For Android

The 11 Season of IPL will be starting on 7th april. And the cricket gaming fans are eagerly waiting for the release of official ipl 2018 game.

And their wait is over:

Because the Nazara Games has released new cricket game "RCB Epic Cricket". It's an official game for RCB. So, only their team have licensed players.

Which means other teams still have unlicensed players. So, their names will be incorrect.

But for RCB team all the players have their original names. Not only this it will show their original carrier stats too!

I Just want to say one thing about this Vivo ipl 2018 game i.e, it will give the perfect gaming experience you want.

The few things which I like about this game:

RBC Epic Cricket - Features

As this is purely ipl based cricket game. So, it doesn't feature any other tournament.

But the best thing:

You can play as multiplayer with your friends.

But it's other features likes nice gameplay, Animations, Graphics makes it one of the best cricket game for android.

High Quality Graphics & Animations

You can't complain about its graphics. Because for me they are really of High Quality.

They will provide you the best gaming experience with it's graphics & animations.

It's Animations are awesome!

The one which I wanted the most is also there. When a batsman comes to creese a box will appear which shows their stats.

ipl 2018 game download

This applies for the bowlers too.

Like the above image:

It's start screen animations are great. It shows start screen animations like pitch report, venue and weather.


The gameplay of this official ipl cricket game is also good.

The bowling is pretty easy. It's controls are not too dynamic. So, a rookie can easily play this first time.

While the batting purely depends on timing. The more good you time the ball, more far it will go.

It's gameplay is much more like big bash cricket by Big Ant Studios.

Final Words

Now it's your turn to rock with your friends.

To be honest, after writing this I started playing it for almost 1.5 hours without break.

So, lastly I can only one thing:

Download this ipl 2018 cricket game it as fast as you can 🙂

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