Stick Cricket Online PC Cricket Game

Description: Stick Cricket is the most classic cricket game. It can be played online as well as offline. Here you can play stick cricket online for free. This is a flash game and contains no virus.

Yes, it is 100% virus free game and never got stop while playing. It has no ad in it. So. it will not affect your gaming experience. We take more steps to provide a good gaming experience to our users.

I play this game from my childhood. And I still plays this game.

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  • Really simple gameplay.
  • It is 100% ad free game.
  • It contains no virus.
  • It has no Trojans or malware.
  • This game is a classic flash game.

Controls: The controls for this game is really very simple. You can play shots with arrow buttons. To got better results make better timings of shots. Only then you would have better results. You can also play shots by pressing W, D, A button.

Final Worlds: Stick Cricket was one of my favorite cricket game. But it was losing its power to new cricket games. But I would recommend trying this classic sports game. You can also play more HQ Stick cricket games online from their official website where you won’t get bored and have fun.

If stick cricket allows us to put their new games on our site, then we will paste them as early as possible. But now you have to wait for this and play from here.

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