World Cricket Championship 2 Review

World Cricket Championship 2 is a new cricket game released for Android which is free for download on the Google Play store. It comes with lots of new features, but you have to unlock them by winning the tournaments.

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See official game trailer from below video.

So to solve the problem we have posted World Cricket Championship 2 review. Below we have done a review on WCC2, and you can read all specifications from below.

The one thing which I like most about WCC2 i.e, It is available for iOS, Android and Windows. And this is one the main reason that I have listed it in my list of best cricket games for pc.


Features – Tournament, Teams, Modes

WCC2 is an Android cricket game which is available on multiple platforms like Windows Phone, iOS. It’s probably the most advanced cricket game for android with some unique features. Its unique features make it a must have the game.


Now it has lots of different modes for playing such as practice modes, Quick Play Mode, Blitz Tournament, ODI Series, Indian National Premier League, and World Cup Cricket modes, World T20 Cup, etc. Besides these modes, you’ll find other modes like Challenge a friend, Missions, Gangs of cricket, etc.

All the teams have been updated with new kits, roster and much more. But it’s not a licensed game so there will be unoriginal player names. But the good thing, i.e., it has an inbuilt editor which allows you to edit everything from player’s ability. You can edit his jersey, stats, skills and much more.

GamePlay – Batting, Bowling & Fielding

In this review of World Cricket Championship 2, we would review all items in this game. As we move to gameplay, it has new features. The Artificial Intelligence of bowler allows them to bowl on different pitches, variations, the speed with more accuracy. You’ll also observe that when you start hitting shots in one direction only. The A.I of WCC2 CPU fielders will start changing field set according to the abilities of the player.

Like bowlers, Fielders and batsman are too have new abilities. The A.I of batsman will guide them to hit big sixes. While you find it difficult to hit boundaries, the CPU can quickly clear the ropes.

There was a vast improvement in the fielding area. Now there will be more diving catches, direct hits, more accurate throw, diving fielding and much more.

Now you can set manual field placement. So, it will help you to bowl according to your field settings. You can make your own fielding plans and bowl according to them.

From the below video you can imagine how well the fielding standards are.

Player Attributes

This is a special feature which changes your player attributes automatically. You cam use this feature in world cricket championship 2 to improve the bowling and batting skill of a player.

This is an automated function which improves your player skill according to his performance in the matches.

Player Customization

World Cricket Championship 2 offers five tools to customize your player. You can change your player’s jersey, the pattern on the jersey, pattern color, accessories and player’s skin.

You can change the color of the jersey you want. There will a color box where you can have any color you want for your player’s jersey.;

If you don’t like the pattern on your team’s jersey.

Then don’t worry!

Just click on pattern button and choose from 8 patterns for your team. You can also change the color of patterns and accessories.

Bonus: You can change player’s skin also. There will be 8 skin tones available.

Graphics – Camera, Animations

The Next Wave Multimedia developers worked really hard to add over 105+ motion captured animations which make its graphics of High Quality. The World Cricket Championship 2 has a high-quality stadium and player graphics.

Its camera has provides two angles for playing. With these, you can see the game behind the batsman and bowler and camera mod. The bowling action is not good as compared to ICC Pro Cricket 2015 but other graphics are decent.

Controls – Classic, Pro

It includes two types of controls. Pro and Classic controls which will enhance your gaming experience. The classic controls are general and easy.


But the Pro controls are bit different. The pro controls allow you to play shot any direction you want to play. To play as a pro, you need to place your right finger in the direction you want to play the shot. If you want to play lofted shot then swipe your finger upwards. And to play down the ground shot swipe your finger downwards. To get best of your shot do better timing.

If you want to move your batsman, you just need to place your finger at the center and swipe it left or right in order to move your batsman.

See below video, If you don’t know how to play using pro controls.

When you are playing with classic controls you just need to play swipe your finger in the direction you want to play the shot. If you want to play a lofted shot there’s a loft button in the right side. Just click on that button and play the shot.

Commentary – Hindi, English

In a recent update, World Cricket Championship 2 will now have two versions of commentary in it. Now this game has Hindi and English commentary in it. This makes it the first cricket game with Hindi commentary. NextWave Multimedia took this step because of the huge demand from India and Pakistan.

DRS System of World Cricket Championship 2

This is the only second game after Don Bradman Cricket 17 to introduce DRS system in a cricket game. But you can take DRS only when you got out LBW or when you take wicket by LBW. You have only 10 seconds to decide you should take a review or not.

In most cases, reviews taken against fast bowlers were not successful. But if you take review when you got out by a spin bowler. The chances of success are more on spinning tracks. So, we recommend you to take review when a spin bowler is bowling.

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