Cricket Defend The Wicket [Online Game]

Cricket Defend the Wicket is an online cricket game which you can play for free from here. This game is developed by Miniclip and is free for use.

This is one of my favorite online cricket game which I play daily. If you start playing this game then you can’t yourself.

This cricket game is a pretty simple game. But I bet you won’t get bored by playing this game. You will be addicted to this game when you start playing. It has simple controls, but these simple controls make you addicted to this game.

Instructions for Cricket Defend The WICKET

I don’t think anyone needs instructions for this game. But I’ll provide you those. Now if you want to play shots in cricket defend the wicket you just need to your mouse to play shots.

If you missed your ball, you got out either bowled or by the yellow-black zone below your batsman. You can also get out while playing shots when your ball hit the yellow-black zone which is located up.

Your scores are calculated with the help of your strike rate and boundaries scored. The formula is simple, and I have written it below.

Runs Scored x Strike Rate = Your Score

I will show you this by an example. Suppose you hit six on the first ball but got out on te second ball. Then you strike rate will be 3 and your score is 18. Like this when you hit a four your strike rate will be half of your runs scored.

6 x 3 = 18        4 x 2 = 8        2 x 1 = 2

Below I have created a small table which provides short information about this game.

Cricket Defend The Wicket Info Details
File Type SWF
Distributed by
Features Ad free game, Simple Controls
Supporting Devices Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Req Flash Player
Last Update Jun 21, 2017

Having any trouble while playing this. Just contact us by using the contact us page from above.

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